Welcome to Wolf Moon Dogs

Relationship based holistic training for your dog’s mind, body and spirit

Wolf Moon Dogs is relationship-based dog training, where we believe in training the whole dog; body, mind, and spirit. We offer a board and train program where your dog builds a strong foundation in a home setting. This foundation consists of new commands, structure, and relationship skills using a balanced approach. Dogs thrive with not only solid obedience but most importantly a calm, healthy state of mind. Building a relationship founded on trusted leadership and effective communication gives our dogs the opportunity to become happier, healthier, and more fulfilled! Wolf Moon Dogs is here to help bring balance back to your and your dog’s life so that you can take on the world confidently together as a team!

I’ve missed you guys!

Let’s do a lil Pop Up Live Meditation tomorrow at 10am EST 🌙✨

Come alone if you need some time to yourself or bring your dog; they’d love to soak in some of the calm relaxing energy.

All you will need is yourself and a comfortable place to sit or lie down if that feels better for you to soak in the meditation magic.

Meditation has been shown to reduce stress, level out anxiety, increase focus, improve sleep and promote emotional well-being.

It’s literally magic, my Moonies.

And you ALL have this magic that you can tap into inside you!

How incredible is that?!!

Hope to see you tomorrow!

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This is one of those..’I don’t know who needs to hear this.’

If you enjoy the chaos and some people truly do, by all means keep doing what you’re doing.

But if you’ve ever wondered if life with your dog could look different..it can!

This new life will take change, time and unlearning old patterns but it IS possible.

When you’re open and ready, life with your dog doesn’t have to be filled with chaos.

It can actually be fulfilling and challenge you in a way that helps you grow as a team.

Reach out for help!! Trainers are here to help shift your relationship with your dog so you can both live your best (non-chaotic) life possible.

And remember, you are actual MAGIC my Moonies.


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I see it.

I know you are.

Take things moment by moment.

Repeat this affirmation whenever you start to second guess yourself, my Moonies.

You are magic 🐺🌙 ✨

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Health is wealth, my Moonies!

In a perfect dog mom world, all of my guys would eat raw BUT not I do still add toppers to their kibble as much as I can for additional nutrients and vitamins ✨✨

You can find these options at your grocery store, local pet store or maybe you already have them in your kitchen!

Healthier dogs are happier dogs.

If you’re interested in how your dog’s diet affects their quality of life or you’re dealing with a specific health concern, there many resources from pet nutritionists available.

This is just some of what I’ve found works well for my dogs.


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Who else needs this type of energy as we head into the weekend, my Moonies?!!

Becoming more mindful of where my energy goes and how I spend my time gives me my POWER back.

There are many things out of my control but my time and energy are within my control and where I choose to direct them helps to foster the life I want to create.

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Bronzo and his dad are back together!

These two have a fresh start AND a solid foundation to keep working together as a team!

Bronzo’s dad showed up today ready to put in the work needed to help Bronzo achieve that road dog status and I could not be more proud.

I’m so excited for all their future adventures!

Keep shining bright, you guys! 🌙🤍✨

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A lil dog parent wisdom for your Wednesday 🌙🤍✨

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When I first started teaching yoga I would write out every single class sequence in a notebook, follow a strict theme, timing poses to songs on a playlist and included every single modification, alignment cue and physical benefit in my verbiage.

I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss anything and my students got a well-rounded experience so my classes involved tons of structure and planning in the beginning.

10 years later my teaching looks and feels much different.

I’m a more seasoned instructor and so much experience over time has now become second nature.

While I may make a few notes for myself or even string together bits of sequencing, I am in no way following an exact plan and script they way I used to because teaching has become part of me.

But in the beginning I needed all of the structure and repetition to now get to this place where I can teach with more freedom and my classes feel more like me because I’ve found a flow.

Working with our dogs to make behavioral changes in the beginning can feel repetitive, strict and like there are lots of rules and structure because, there is.

That part of of the learning process is necessary.

It’s not a forever thing but it is needed for both the human and dog to create PATTERNS that then become SECOND NATURE.

Over time as you both settle into a groove you will see your dog making better decisions on their own without as much guidance from you.

And you will find yourself automatically holding yourself differently on walks, using your non-verbal communication and being more aware of your own as well as your dog’s state of mind.

What once took a lot of thought and effort becomes part of daily life with your dog.

Everyone starts off as a beginner at some point but you have to put in the consistent effort and structure.

Don’t give up on this important stage.

It’s where so much GROWTH happens.

One day you’ll look at back at those beginning stages with your dog and see how far the two of you have come, my Moonies 🐺🌙✨

It can feel so overwhelming when you see other trainers doing what seems like ALL of the things.

It’s tempting to offer 59 different services, programs and packages to fit EVERYONE’S needs with their dogs.

To say ‘yes’ to every single dog and owner that contacts you.

To change your own schedule or life to accommodate others.

But guess what?

You’re not meant for everyone and you were not put on this earth to be everything to everyone.

You’re meant for YOUR people and those people WILL find you when you are aligning with what feels authentic to you.

They will find you when you genuinely adore the life you’re building for yourself.

You cannot show up as the best version of yourself when you are burnout, overwhelmed, stressed and running on empty.

I have legit heard of trainers ending up in the hospital because they are undernourished, dehydrated, stressed and their body is telling them to slow down.

There is only one of you magical, Moonie on this whole earth and you are meant for so much more than burning out.

You are meant to SHINE BRIGHT.

Let’s start normalizing taking care of ourselves as part of this dog life, my Moonies 🌙🤍✨

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Repeat after me..

May I be happy 🤍✨

May I be free 🤍✨

May I feel safe 🤍✨

May I feel loved 🤍✨

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Happy International Women’s Day to the incredible female dog trainers who have been a part of my own dog journey over the years!

I adore and appreciate you all!

You are absolute magic and inspire me every day 💪🏻🤍✨

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Full moon in Virgo affirmation for the day 🌒🌓🌔🌕🌖🌗🌘

This full moon is time to step into your full power and realize your potential.

Shift into the energy of abundance, my Moonies.

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‘I’m a big man, give this man room..’

-Mase & Bronzo, probably.

Bronzo is a 14 month old Cane Corso whose fam has breed experience and wants to give him the best life possible!

Lots of confidence building and building trust with his humans will be a game changer for this big sweet boy.

The next few weeks are the beginning of a fresh start for Bronzo and his dad!

Welcome to the WMD pack Bronzo! 🐺🌙✨

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Being in nature is healing.

Being in nature is grounding.

Being in nature brings me back home to myself.

Watching these boys get to live this kind of life is such a privilege and I’m grateful for it every single day.

You (and your dog) are full of infinite greatness, my Moonies 🤍✨

He did itttttttt!! 🤍🖤

It was a rainy go home session but we made it happen!

After two and a half years at the shelter, Bandit got his second chance at life thanks to all the wonderful people who supported him!

Helping Bandit feel safe in his own skin and confident in the humans around him was everything for this boy.

I am so honored to be part of Bandit’s journey and so grateful he now has a safe place to land with a new family to provide him what he really needs.

I believe in you Bandit and so excited for your next chapter!
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Luuuuuuna 🌙

I meant to a take a pic but this teeny video is just so cute!!

In Luna’s mom’s words, ‘she is so relaxed and in control of her emotions now.’

If I could give that exact gift to every single dog I would 🤍🤍

From unsure of herself and anxious to a confident, balanced girl whose world is filled with endless possibilities, Luna is an absolute delight.

I’m so proud of this team! Luna’s mom has had such an open mind and willingness to learn through their training journey.

You don’t know til you know and now they both have the foundation for a more balanced way of life!

Let your light shine so bright Luna! 🌙✨

I’d choose this.

Being out in the middle of nowhere with them every time.

Over everything else 🖤🐺🦍

Feeling grateful to be able to create a life with my dogs that not everyone will understand.

We need the ‘nos.’

The nos are part of a healthy relationship with our dogs.

It’s important to disagree with the behaviors we don’t like and tell our dogs no.

But if we don’t want our dogs to do X we should ALSO be telling them what we would like them to do instead of X.

A world filled with all nos is confusing and can leave our dogs feeling confused and frustrated, leading to even more problem behaviors.

Give your dog guidance about what they should be doing more than you’re telling them what they shouldn’t be doing.

That is how to build clear communication.

Trade one behavior in for another, you’ll see patterns start to shift and there will be less nos, my Moonies!