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Relationship based holistic training for your dog’s mind, body and spirit

Wolf Moon Dogs is relationship-based dog training, where we believe in training the whole dog; body, mind, and spirit. We offer a board and train program where your dog builds a strong foundation in a home setting. This foundation consists of new commands, structure, and relationship skills using a balanced approach. Dogs thrive with not only solid obedience but most importantly a calm, healthy state of mind. Building a relationship founded on trusted leadership and effective communication gives our dogs the opportunity to become happier, healthier, and more fulfilled! Wolf Moon Dogs is here to help bring balance back to your and your dog’s life so that you can take on the world confidently together as a team!

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Wolf Moon Dogs
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Kara WatsonKara Watson
22:35 29 Sep 22
Let me start by saying that before my husband and I got “our” first dog, we had already agreed that Alana would train him. Although we had both grown up with dogs, we agreed that a solid foundation and knowledge of commands was critical, and that we wanted to enlist the help of a professional. We had known Alana for years and several of our friends had their dogs trained by her, so this was a no brainer.We sent our 8 month old European Doberman to Alana to work on being a well-mannered young Dobe that would quite literally know his “place” in our home, go on walks without dragging you along, and just overall have a calmer state of mind. As a pushy and stubborn dog with a high drive, we knew that training was essential.Alana is not only wonderful throughout her time with the dog, but before and after as well! There was never a time that I felt judged or wrong for asking a question or her opinion on something dog related. Throughout Dollar’s time with Alana, it was wonderful to see her social media updates and see how he was progressing. After his training, Alana spent hours talking to us about his e-collar, commands, and walking Dollar up and down the street. She has also checked in to see how he is doing now that he is back home.We appreciate all the time, effort, and patience that Alana spent and used on our boy! Do not hesitate to send your dog for a board and train with her; there is no one better!
Rose O'NeillRose O'Neill
23:10 08 Aug 22
As a first time dog owner, I was pretty nervous about “getting it right”.I had adopted an amazing Pit mix who had been in a local shelter for a full year. (I’ve got three kiddos and a full time 24/7 on call job). Wolf Moon Dogs was highly recommended by several local pet agencies.We loved our new family member- but her energy was a lot to tame. After three weeks with Alana, we felt like we could really connect with Jazzy- she was her same lovable self, but with a whole new level of confidence in herself and in us! The importance of purposeful relaxation was significant (to the whole family;)I’m not sure who learned more- jazzy or me, but either way Alana is our teacher and I love the new relationship we’ve built as a whole family. We love boundaries ❤️
Harriet NashHarriet Nash
21:46 14 Jul 22
I’m so happy I took my crazy little pit mix to Wolf Moon Dogs. Alana understood Gigi right away, and her holistic approach to create a calmer state of mind has done wonders for my furry bundle of energy. Gigi used to choose when to obey certain commands (like recall), and now she almost always responds appropriately. When I first rescued Gigi, she was recovering from a dog attacking her and had major dog reactivity issues. Her dog reactivity is much reduced now, and Alana is quick to respond to my many questions and provide more tips even weeks after Gigi’s stay with her. I have also learned from many of Alana’s tips on Instagram. Alana is quite the professional and very helpful. Gigi’s board and train at Wolf Moon Dogs was a very wise investment!!
Kimberly GilbertKimberly Gilbert
13:16 13 Jun 22
I adopted my dog in January of 2020, the shelter told me he had at least 2 owners before me, possibly 3. He kept ending up in the shelter because he would nip if anyone got close to him. I remember calling Alana in tears because I couldn’t get a collar on him to take him out.She was so patient and helpful, she introduced us to different tools to help make life easier. She helped us build trust with each other, before I knew it Boyd was a very loving when it came to me. He still had issues when people would approach him. Alana taught me to be an advocate for him, and that helped Boyd trust me even more.Here we are two years later and I could not be happier with Boyd in my life. He is thriving!!! Thank you Alana!!!
Gabby Hanners HorstGabby Hanners Horst
05:09 06 Jan 22
Alana is fantastic, and we would recommend her to anyone who is committed to training their dog. She is warm and friendly, and also knowledgeable and serious about making positive and lasting changes for you and your dog. We were hesitant at first about the training tools, but she made us feel confident and prepared to implement everything after the board and train. It’s hard to remember life before our pup went to training with Alana because so much has changed. We are able to have guests over without drama and go for walks without being dragged down the street. It’s a work in progress, but we feel like we got a super solid foundation from Alana and resources to help us continue working on our goals. Very grateful to her!