Where will my dog stay during their board and train??

Your dog will stay in my home with me! I offer personalized, in-home training that replicates your dog’s own environment. They will become part of my family and my dogs’ pack; working on a variety of skills and going on daily adventures during their time here at Wolf Moon Dogs. My Board and Train program is limited to one or two dogs at a time to ensure your dog gets plenty of individual attention.

A typical day will include multiple active obedience training sessions along with lots of time practicing a calm, healthy state of mind. Your dog will also have supervised play with my personal pack as well as outings to local parks, coffee shops, hiking trails, and dog-friendly stores!

What is Balanced Training??

Wolf Moon Dogs believes in training the whole dog with a balanced approach. Balanced training is a combination of teaching and reinforcing behaviors we want with toys, praise and food; and stopping unwanted behaviors with tools and effective yet humane techniques and methods. Wolf Moon Dogs uses a variety of tools to help communicate to our dogs what we want and what we don’t want. These tools will allow you to communicate effectively in a way both your dog and you will understand.

Why do you focus so much on mindset??

Mindset is often the missing piece for so many dogs. A calm dog makes better choices. Being able to communicate effectively with your dog cultivates a sense of calm. Solid obedience and a calm, healthy state of mind go hand in hand. With both of these in place your dog can live a happy and fulfilling life!

Why the kennel??

The kennel is one of the MOST valuable training tools. Not only does the kennel keep your dog safe while creating boundaries; it also is a place where they can relax, do nothing and find a calm, healthy state of mind. I recommend that your dog be in the kennel whenever you leave the house, at night while sleeping or whenever you find yourself needing a little break. The kennel is not a punishment, it is just another spot where your dog can take a break and unwind!

Will there be homework after my dog’s Board & Train??

Yes! It took time to create all those not so wonderful habits, so it’s going to take time for your dog to understand there are a new set of rules and new expectations. Training is not just for your dog but for you as well! If you want to truly make changes with your dog, you will need to keep up with structure and rules once your dog is back home. Step into your leadership role and give your dog a chance to show you who they really are! Think of training as a lifestyle change rather than a quick fix. This process only works if you put in the work and stay consistent.

Remember that growth is not linear; there will be ups and downs but it will all be worth it.
Progress over perfection always!