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3 Week Board & Train

Wolf Moon Dog’s in-home board and train program provides individualized attention, catered to your dog’s specific needs while teaching the skills necessary for off-leash adventures! Your dog will become part of my family and my dog’s pack during their stay in my home. The Three Week Board and Train Program creates a foundation of solid obedience commands, overall manners, impulse control, and most importantly a healthy, balanced mindset. This program is not for dogs who display more serious behaviors such as intense human/dog/food aggression or severe separation anxiety issues. Your dog will learn to live in an overall calmer state of mind and look to you for guidance while becoming familiar with these commands:
  • Loose leash Heel
  • Sit stay and Down stay
  • Recall
  • Place Command (This is the absolute best! It is essentially Dog Meditation)
  • Kennel training
  • Manners inside the home and out in public
  • How to ride calmly in the car
  • Waiting at boundaries, such as your front door, the car, and the kennel.
  • Calm, healthy state of mind! Calm dogs make better decisions!
The Three Week program will give your dog a solid foundation to mindfully respond to whatever life may have in store for them! During your dog’s stay, you will receive a homework email for you and your family to start familiarizing yourselves with the new structure and to help you gain a better understanding of the exercises you will be implementing with your dog once they are back home. At the end of the training program there is a 2-hour practical go-home session where I work directly with you to transfer all the knowledge, information and techniques needed to continue you and your dog’s new lifestyle! Each dog goes home with an E-collar Technologies Ecollar, a Herm Sprenger prong training collar and a long line leash.

$2900. Pricing includes e-collar | 3 weeks

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3 Week Board & Train

$2900 for 3 weeks including e-collar

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Owner & Trainer Virtual Mentor Session

Whether you are bringing a new dog home, already have a dog or your own dog training business; let’s chat, my Moonies! These 30 minute sessions are designed so that I can answer questions, offer advice & come up with a game plan for you. Owners, we won’t actively be working with your dog during these sessions so they do not need to be present.
Find a cozy, quiet spot & come prepared with all of the questions & topics you’d like to discuss!

$60/30 mins